Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

For our final night in Portland, we felt we had to do it right with a seafood feast. Our google search led us to Jacqueline.

To begin with, the restaurant itself is adorable. It looks like a little house from the outside, and inside it’s cozy and welcoming. Since we didn’t have a reso, we did have to wait but it was well worth it!

We started with their oysters, which just happened to be a buck a shuck. They were fantastic: large and juicy, with five accompanying sauces.

Next, we had the yellowtail crudo which almost reminded me of a fancy ceviche, and the wagyu steak tartare which was absolutely delicious.

The lobster bun and citrusy manchego salad arrived after. The lobster was coated in a hollandaise sauce. The salad was comprised of fennel, radishes, hazelnuts and Asian pears, and was a refreshing palate cleanser.

Our final dish was a lime leaf coconut curry with scallops and pork belly. This was by far our favourite dish of our entire trip!

Every dish at Jacqueline’s was cooked to perfection. They were served and plated beautifully, and the quality of the food was incredible. This is a must visit restaurant if you’re visiting Portland.

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