Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

If you’re looking for an all natural and delicious yet, Hear Me Raw has the answer for you. This local company from Canmore, makes all their treats with ingredients that you can read. They are refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan, and let me tell you, they also taste amazing.

Each ball has unique flavours and ingredients that make it different from the rest, and I truly enjoyed them all for different reasons:

Get Rooted – earthy with beet root and maca notes

Inner Glow – with my favourite ingredient turmeric, this ball is quite tasty and would be the perfect accompaniment with a chai tea

Salted Caramel – probably my favourite in terms of one that I could eat hundreds of. This could be dangerous

Spirulina Mint – taste exactly like an After Eight

DigestZen – Christmas in a ball with ginger notes to help settle any upset stomach

I encourage you to give these balls a try for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. And for all my fitness friends, they make the perfect preworkout snack!

They can be found at Amaranth and Blush Lane in Calgary, as well as Rusticana and Shoppers in Canmore.

I’ve been to Pulcinella’s a few times for dinner, but had no idea about their incredible lunch special that they offer. For the small price of $17, you get a full course meal which includes: First, your choice of bruschetta or arancini. Second, your choice of salad, mixed greens or arugula and fennel. And finally, your choice of pasta. I believe there were over seven choices.

The food was fantastic and we all left stuffed! This is a great lunch option for all.

National on 17th has been closed for the last while for renos and just reopened this weekend. We of course had to stop by to see what had changed. The main layout has remained the same, but the biggest difference to the interior that I noticed was to the bar area and tables and chairs. Instead of the stock mark like boards, the beer list remains stagnant, more like a wood board. The tables and chairs are all new and much more comfy. The bench seating is cushioned and padded, and is all esthetically appealing to the eye.

The biggest difference that I would note however is their food menu. They have your traditional appies and burgers, but they now have a whole section of pizza. The server ranted and raved about the pizza and their collaboration with a local bakery, so we had to take her advice and try it out. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The dough was thin but had a puffy crust to it. The prosciutto pizza had a delicious tomato sauce, with lemon rind and arugula. It was absolutely fantastic. The mushroom pizza had a cream sauce and the perfect flavors of the truffle oil. Both were great and I would highly recommend trying them out.

Who doesn’t love a freshly made baked good? But sometimes it can be hard to find the time and to perfect a recipe. Yann’s can help you out.

This french bakery now sells frozen pan au chocolat and croissants for $19.20 and $18 respectively, for a pack of six. They only take a mere 15 minutes to cook and taste exactly as they do when you buy them in store: fresh, flakey, and delicious!

Have you heard the news? Elite Brewing & Cidery has added something exciting to their menu and it’s definitely worth talking about.

Everyone loves a good pizza and this is one you should add to your list of must tries. We ordered the meat lovers which was fully loaded with everything you could possibly want. It came on a relatively thin, crispy crust and was the perfect accompaniment to a cider or beer.

I love vegetables, but I will admit that when I go out for food, they’re not something typically on the top of my list to order. However, when you find a chef who can do them right, that changes everything.

If you’re looking for a place who truly know how to blend ingredients to make a delicious vegetable dish, visiting Donna Mac is a must. While we were there for dinner we ordered the fried cauliflower, marinated beets, and grilled zucchini. They were all incredible!

Panna cotta is a simple dessert but is an easy one to mess up. It needs to be cooked perfectly in order to have that desirable ‘wiggle.’

On the weekend, after our tasty dinner at Cotto, we ordered their panna cotta. It was absolute perfection! Served with a side of jam and dessert crumbs, and topped with sliced almonds, it was tasty and satisfying in every way! If you love a good panna cotta like I do, be sure to stop by Cotto to try theirs out.