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Exploring the Beauty of YYC

Have you heard the news? Elite Brewing & Cidery has added something exciting to their menu and it’s definitely worth talking about.

Everyone loves a good pizza and this is one you should add to your list of must tries. We ordered the meat lovers which was fully loaded with everything you could possibly want. It came on a relatively thin, crispy crust and was the perfect accompaniment to a cider or beer.

I love vegetables, but I will admit that when I go out for food, they’re not something typically on the top of my list to order. However, when you find a chef who can do them right, that changes everything.

If you’re looking for a place who truly know how to blend ingredients to make a delicious vegetable dish, visiting Donna Mac is a must. While we were there for dinner we ordered the fried cauliflower, marinated beets, and grilled zucchini. They were all incredible!

Panna cotta is a simple dessert but is an easy one to mess up. It needs to be cooked perfectly in order to have that desirable ‘wiggle.’

On the weekend, after our tasty dinner at Cotto, we ordered their panna cotta. It was absolute perfection! Served with a side of jam and dessert crumbs, and topped with sliced almonds, it was tasty and satisfying in every way! If you love a good panna cotta like I do, be sure to stop by Cotto to try theirs out.

Everyone loves a good pasta dish, and Calgary is full of fantastic Italian restaurants. If you’re looking for delicious food matched with a really great deal, you definitely need to visit Tavernetta on a Tuesday night. For a mere $40, you can get pasta for two and a half litre of wine. The pasta is absolutely fantastic: full of flavour, great combination of ingredients, and always varied. Each week you can try something new!

If you’re into seafood and Monday night dates, I have the perfect place for you to check out. Modern Ocean is located on Stephen Avenue and their Monday night special is something to talk about.

For $99 you can order their seafood boil which is packed full of options. This massive platter came with a full lobster and crab, as well as numerous mussels, shrimp, and sausage. It also had potatoes and corn. All the seafood was cooked perfectly and was really something else. It left us full and satisfied, and dreaming of the time next when we will visit.

Besides the fact that their food is delicious, they also adhere to Ocean Wise sustainable seafood practices. You can feel good about the food you’re eating.

With the holiday season quickly approaching it can be hard to find the time for baking. If you’re looking for a tasty loaf, Bridgeland Market is the place to go to. We tried the banana chocolate chip loaf and it was delicious: tasted homemade, moist, and has the perfect ratio of chocolate chips. Plus it only has eleven ingredients, all of which you can read on the label!

Anytime the weekend comes around one of the main reason I’m excited is because I get to eat a delicious brunch! Calgary is loaded with tasty spots to try out.

Monki Bistro serves up a great brunch. They have two locations: one in Inglewood, and the other on 10 Avenue SW. You can either make a reservation or check in online to add your name to the waitlist, and show up when your table is ready. They have a large menu with both classic items and unique breakfast choices, like the fondue. They also have an insane amount of various hot sauces.

Typically I order an eggs benny and this one was delicious. You have the choice for their traditional hollandaise sauce, or you can also try their pink prosecco hollandaise. It’s a tasty twist and definitely has a different look to it. Give it a try!