Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Hi everyone!  I’m Erin.  Living in Calgary for over half of my life, has allowed me to see this beautiful city change but remain true to it’s “western hospitality.”  There are so many unique places, shops, and markets, where Calgarians can support their community.  This is often where you’ll find me!

I am a major foodie, and try as often as possible to recreate amazing dishes that I’ve discovered through my explorations: whether it be a local cuisine, or a faraway delicacy.  I consider cooking a form of art and expression, and love to experiment with new recipes, or try to create something from whatever is in the fridge!  I love checking out new restaurants in town.  I don’t believe in ‘reviewing’ places, but rather highlighting their unique menu, or recommending my favourite items to try.

Personally, I am an avid traveler and love to expand my knowledge of cultures and other languages.  To date I have visited four different countries in Africa, three in central America, seven in Europe, China, and have traveled to places throughout Canada and the United States.

Being fit and active is core to who I am.  I love my crossfit gym, lifting weights, and trying to improve my running time!  Snowboarding, exploring places, and enjoying the sun with my two dogs and hubby are my greatest past-times.

As an educator, I teach the core subject areas, as well as first year Spanish to my grade four students.  I also have my masters in Design Based Learning, focusing on incorporating the learning sciences into the classroom to provide a successful platform for all students to learn.   I act as a liaison of technology information from our central office, to administrators and teachers, believing that communication is key to this role and pride myself on building strong relationships.  I am passionate about creating socially aware students who make a positive contribution to society and believe that they have an impact in the world.  I strive to be the best I can; to continuously learn, challenge myself, and provide my students with a safe and caring classroom environment. I hope to instill the same mentality in my students.



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