Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Have you heard that Calgary has it’s first winery? You might be questioning how that is possible, considering our lack of wine growing weather conditions, but City & Country Winery has quite an interesting concept. They import grapes from all over the world. Once here, they can blend different varieties together to make their wine batches. If there’s a particular bottle that you enjoy, you better stock up, because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

City & Country’s tasting room is located in the Barley Belt, just a short drive from Banded Peak. It’s brand permeates the interior of the building, as there’s a beautiful mix of city (white, modern lines) and country (wood features) throughout the building.

While visiting, I tasted three different wines: a white, rosé, and red. I enjoyed them all for various reasons, but for me the rosé really stood out. It was a lovely balance and will be perfect for that summer patio weather. My husband on the other hand, loved the red! So depending on your palate, you at least have to give them all a try.

I wasn’t sure about a winery in Calgary, but it’s clear that the concept and passion found at City & Country Winery is impressive. Plus, they make great wine!

Have you ever been to The Eden in Inglewood? Located right on 9 Avenue in an old, narrow building this family owned and run restaurant offers a beautiful breakfast every weekend. The restaurant itself is quaint and homey. The ceilings are beautiful tin and the walls are covered with changing local art work. They have a decent sized menu with a good variety of options to choose from.

I ordered the bacon benny which came with wild mushrooms and a parmesan cream. It was also accompanied by their version of hash browns, which were legit, hand cut potatoes. They tasted liked mashed potatoes on the inside of a deep fried potato slice. The breakfast was perfect, and there wasn’t a thing I would change about it.

If you’re in the Inglewood area, or just looking for a breakfast place, The Eden is worthy of a stop!

Free House opened in Kensington mid January and after hearing great things about it, I finally had the chance to check it out.

The inside has been renovated and offers a bright, welcoming vibe with greenery and hanging string lights. The bar list includes only local beers and ciders on tap, and with 24 choices to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

When we were visiting, it happened to be their happy hour, which is definitely something worth talking about. It happens every Monday to Saturday from 2-6pm and then again from 9pm-12am. Their happy hour includes the following:

-$4 draft

-$8 cocktails

-$1/oz glasses of wine

-half priced snacks

We weren’t particularly hungry, but felt like we had to try something out. We ordered the crispy pork belly, which came sliced in cubes and was perfectly delicious! It paired nicely with the sour cherry cider.

The rest of Free House’s menu sounded great and I can’t wait to go back to try other food items, and see what they’ve done to that amazing rooftop patio.

I’ve never tried Taiwanese food before, and to be honest wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But hearing that noodles were involved, I knew it had to be good. And that it was!

We stopped at Lambo Noodle Bar which is located in a small plaza just off of 16 Avenue and 2nd Street NE. It’s basically right across the street from Peter’s Drive In. The outside of the building is quite unassuming, but once you pass through the doors, you’re met with beautiful decor and tasty smells.

I had heard a lot about their beef brisket noodle bowl so decided to give it a try. The brisket was so tender that it would crumble apart with a bite or a poke of the chopsticks. It was fantastic!

With incredible flavours, great service, comparable prices and portion sizes, Lambo Noodle Bar is definitely a place that I will return to again.

Yellow Door Bistro offers seasonally inspired chef’s pancakes that continually change throughout the year. When we arrived and were informed the feature was ferrero rocher it was obvious that we had to try them out.

This beautiful dish was served with three, chocolately, thick pancake stacked on top of one another. Between each layer, was your classic ferrero rocher interior and shaved hazelnuts. And they were all topped with more chocolate to devour. We were able to add the perfect amount of maple syrup to make these a breakfast I will dream about.

If you’re looking for an all natural and delicious yet, Hear Me Raw has the answer for you. This local company from Canmore, makes all their treats with ingredients that you can read. They are refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan, and let me tell you, they also taste amazing.

Each ball has unique flavours and ingredients that make it different from the rest, and I truly enjoyed them all for different reasons:

Get Rooted – earthy with beet root and maca notes

Inner Glow – with my favourite ingredient turmeric, this ball is quite tasty and would be the perfect accompaniment with a chai tea

Salted Caramel – probably my favourite in terms of one that I could eat hundreds of. This could be dangerous

Spirulina Mint – taste exactly like an After Eight

DigestZen – Christmas in a ball with ginger notes to help settle any upset stomach

I encourage you to give these balls a try for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. And for all my fitness friends, they make the perfect preworkout snack!

They can be found at Amaranth and Blush Lane in Calgary, as well as Rusticana and Shoppers in Canmore.

I’ve been to Pulcinella’s a few times for dinner, but had no idea about their incredible lunch special that they offer. For the small price of $17, you get a full course meal which includes: First, your choice of bruschetta or arancini. Second, your choice of salad, mixed greens or arugula and fennel. And finally, your choice of pasta. I believe there were over seven choices.

The food was fantastic and we all left stuffed! This is a great lunch option for all.