Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Choosing Portland as its first location outside of Tokyo, visiting Afuri Izakaya seemed like a logical decision. This place specializes in ramen, specifically a citrus or Yuzu style.

Entering the modern building, we were lucky to get a seat around the kitchen where we could watch the chefs work their magic. We ordered all items that were recommended and everything was fantastic. We began with the Oobamaki roll which was yellowtail, big eye tuna, pickled enoki, mushrooms and asparagus. Next, cane the house made gyoza dumplings. These were delicious! And finally, our ramen bowls. I ordered the classic yuzu shio and Daniel got the spicy tonkotsu tantanmen. Both of these dishes were great and so different from one another.

I had no idea ramen was such a thing in Portland, but now it all makes sense.

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