Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

You can’t go to Portland without eating a doughnut, or so everyone says. I will admit that I’m not a huge doughnut fan, but felt I had to at least give it a try.

We stopped at the world famous, Voodoo Doughnut which has been opened since 2003 and has been featured time and time again on tv shows, in magazines, and comes highly rated online. Not really knowing what to expect, when you enter the building you’re immediately greeted by gothy-punk rock vibe and the world famous donut wheel, where you can watch your options spinning around.

We ordered a doughnut each, which was an undertaking since they are so massive. I ordered the Chuckles, which was a twist on a snickers bar and Daniel got Memphis Mafia which was a banana fritter with peanut butter and chocolate. Both were delicious and I now understand what the craze is all about.

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