Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Barrel-aged. Tart. Well-rounded. Complex. Cascade Brewing Barrel House is doing everything right in my mind when it comes to beers.

I’m both a sucker and lover of sour beers. When we booked our trip to Portland everyone said stopping at Cascade was a necessity. After looking them up, I agreed. Soon as we arrived, it was our first stop, and I truly cannot say enough good things about this place. Besides brewing incredible unique beers, everyone we tried had its own complexity and differences. You could taste every flavour mentioned in the profile, some lingering long than others. We tried a flight of the brunch line 2017, honey ginger lime, vlad 2017, Mayan bourbonic, and the bourbonic plague 2017 and 2013. All of these were delicious in their own way, and all different levels of tartness. My two favourites in term of uniqueness would have to be the honey ginger lime, aged in oak barrels and tasting exactly as it sounds, and the Mayan bourbonic infused with cacao, cinnamon, and cayenne served on nitro!

I will agree with everyone else and say that stopping at Cascade is not as option, it’s a must!

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