Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Being both highly rated and recommended, it seemed like an easy decision to venture to Nong’s Khao Man Gai. This restaurant is located on the east side of Portland and comes with a fascinating story. The owner moved from Thailand with $70 and two suitcases, and in the end built a food cart and restaurant empire serving a simple recipe of chicken and rice.

Stopping in at the restaurant location, we ordered the classic Khao Man Gai, as well as the chicken peanut. Both dishes were made quickly and brought to our table. The chicken peanut was deliciously savory. The peanut sauce coated the chicken and it was served with a heaping amount of broccoli. For any peanut lover, like myself, this dish is a must! The classic Khao Man Gai did not disappoint. It came with a side of chicken liver and soup, as well as a tasty sauce which we poured on top of the dish. The sauce was made of fermented soy beans, ginger, chilies, garlic, vinegar, and a house made syrup. The sauce made the dish!

The setting of this restaurant is very unique, the ingredients are simple, and the food is delicious. You can’t go wrong!

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