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Tacos are probably one of my all time favourite food items. The simplicity, yet flavours that you can create in a little bite always ceases to amaze me. There are numerous places around town with a great Taco Tuesday menu, but one of the best would have to be Native Tongues.

This place has won many awards, including Best Mexican Restaurant in Calgary in 2018, and rightly so. They have their tacos making down to an art, and each type comes with it’s own delicious taste. Visiting on Taco Tuesday of course, we opted to try every one that they had on the menu. The beef brisket was probably the winner for me, but I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the frijoles. This refried bean taco was topped with a creama, queso freso, onion, and cilantro, and it left a lasting impression on me. Being as we were also there during happy hour, we try out a couple of items off of that menu as well. The hamburger was fantastic, juicy and flavourful, and the little chips that came with it were coated in a delicious and slightly spicy sauce. The margaritas were a mere $5 and were done in a classic style: lime juice, on the rocks, with a salted rim.

If you’re a taco lover, or need to be convinced to be one, visiting Native Tongues is worth your time!


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