Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Located right next to the Royal Canadian Legion, Fernie Distillers cozy feel and vintage decor fits in perfectly with this historical town. The distillery has been operating for just over two years, by a husband and wife team. It’s one of the few distilleries in Canada with a female distiller, who uses old-age techniques and local ingredients to produce high-quality, small batch spirits.

Featuring three main spirits, vodka, gin, and a liqueur, the distillery offers a tasting menu so you can try each one. We were given instructions about how a proper tasting of spirits should occur. It begins by taking a small amount of the spirit to move around the inside of your mouth. The next sip should be held longer on the front half of your tongue, and whatever is left, you should enjoy. The No. 9 Mine vodka stood out for me, in terms of it’s flavour profile and distinctiveness: wheat based, caramel nose, vanilla and anise finish. Next, we tried the Prospector gin. It had a typical juniper and citrus nose, but a floral and cardamon finish. Finally, the Fernie Fog with it’s bergamot and floral nose. Infused with earl grey tea, it leaves a vanilla and honey finish, being a spirit that anyone could enjoy.

Sitting at the bar, the employees were there to offer cocktail suggestions and answer any questions that we had. Besides being knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly, there was something special about the workers. They were sincere, humble, and made you feel like you were a part of their community. This is a hard feeling to evoke with customers, especially new ones, leaving me especially impressed with this distillery. It’s a must visit!

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