Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Open since 2003, Yamagoya Sushi continues to win the palates of all, being voted the best ethnic and evening dining restaurant in Fernie. The place offers a welcoming atmosphere with friendly servers and prompt service. Having both traditional and fusion menu items, the food is beautifully presented and incredibly tasty.

The restaurant does not take reservations, but arriving earlier than our typically dinner time, as recommended by locals, we waited about ten minutes before we were seated right at the sushi bar. Receiving recommendations from our server, we ordered as much variety as possible, tasting our way through the menu. Each menu item came out as it was ready, spaced nicely as to not overwhelm or discourage the decisions made. We tasted the perfectly grilled gyoza, the delicious spicy tuna and curry roll, and the uniquely tasting sashimi carpaccio. We also tried two types of aburi nigiri, scallop and salmon, which were a flamed sushi. The best item however, would have to be the dragon roll; labeled as a fusion roll, it was a jumbo dynamite roll topped with a diverse assorted of sashimi.

In a small town of just over 5000 people, they may not have the booming economy some desire, but they clearly know their sushi!

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