Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

A rainy day in Fernie led us down Highway 3 to the town’s one and only brewery: Fernie Brewing Company. This brewery was started back in 2003, by the Pask family in their barn. Relocating in 2007 to their current location just outside of downtown, they continue to brew local, craft beers with an extensive storefront and taproom.

Something incredible about this company is that they created a “Cheers to Charity” program. Each time a $6 flight is purchased, all of the profits are donated to a local organization or charity. It’s a great way to try out different beers, while providing support to those in need.

With twelve of their own beers on tap, we ordered two flights to sample their selection. We took extensive tasting notes and also scored each beer out of five, to help you make your decision when you try out their beers:
Slow Drift White – 5%, IBU 10, score of 4, session style, crushable
Single Speed Belgian-Style Blonde – 4.8%, IBU 19, score of 3, another session style but due to a little hop, less crushable
Big Caboose Red Ale – 5%, IBU 25, score of 3, sweet and malty but could use more complexity in it’s flavours
Belgian Stout – 8%, IBU 25, score of 4.5, robust, a lot going on, a well balanced and strong beer, but could probably only have one pint
Java the Hut – 5%, IBU 40, score of 4, predominant coffee stout, smooth and supple
Campout West Coast Pale – 5.4%, IBU 39, score of 4, hops is present, on the cusp of being a crushable IPA
Impala South African IPA – 6.7%, IBU 58, score of 4.25, fruity, well-balanced, hoppy yet surprisingly smooth and lovely
The Real Peel Grapefruit IPA – 6.4%, IBU 68, score 4.5, considering the IBU very smooth, more zesty than fruity, by far the best IPA

After finishing our drinks, we ventured down the road to Fernie’s Visitor Centre, where we began a wooded stroll to Fairy Creek Falls. As we could hear the sounds of the waterfalls get louder and louder, and twigs breaking beside us, were surprised to see a black bear about thirty feet away, munching on berries. Terrified, we walked quickly, trying to remain calm. It wasn’t until we arrived at the stunning falls that I realized I should have captured that moment, although maybe some memories are better as pictures in your mind. The falls themselves are beautiful!

Fairy Creek Trail is a lovely walk through the woods and is a great way to digest your beers! This 4.3km hike takes around 1-1.5 hours to complete, depending on your pace, moments of panic, or how often you stop for photos.

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