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It’s hard to think about brunch without thinking about mimosas. They go hand in hand. There’s something about the refreshing combination of orange juice and champagne. And nowadays, the choices of juices are endless: pineapple, cranberry, grapefruit. The recipe has evolved and includes many varieties or twists on a classic drink.

The history of mimosas is a complex one, and no one seems to truly know where they came from or who invented them. The Buck Fizz was created in a London bar in 1921, as an excuse for men to start drinking before lunch. Although there are variations of the recipe, it’s generally stated as one part orange juice, two parts champagne. Fast forward four years, to the Ritz Hotel in Paris, where bartender Frank Meier mixed equal parts champagne and orange juice, but never took the credit for inventing the cocktail. Others even propose that it was created in the 1940s in San Francisco, by no other than Alfred Hitchcock, who helped to popularize this drink in the US.

Although we will never truly know where the mimosa originated, I appreciate this brunch staple!

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