Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Being back at work again had me reminiscing and dreaming of care-free ways, summer weather, and holidays. In August, we went on a mini road trip to BC, stopping in Fernie, Cranbrook, and the Fairmont area. In Farimont, we rented this adorable cabin in the woods where life was easy. How I’ve been thinking about those days lately! The one night, it was cool outside and our place had a fireplace, so what else would you do on an evening such as that? Make s’mores!

Gathering all of the essential ingredients, graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, we built a fire and began our evening of delectable treats! There’s always a certain way to cook marshmallows, although some like them crispy, some just lightly browned. And of course, the chocolate is the most important part, but that night, I learned a couple another tips to make your s’mores just right. First of all, if you’re feeling lazy, I highly recommend purchasing Celebration butter cookies with milk chocolate. It eliminates the chocolate piece and makes it easy to just slide the marshmallow right in between the two cookies. Secondly, if you prefer the chocolate chunky pieces, cook a few marshmallows, place them between the graham cracker and chocolate and let it sit for a bit. The heat will melt just the outer layer of the chocolate making it the perfect texture and taste. Finally, if you really want to up your game, dip your marshmallows in Baileys. This is life changing!

Be creative, try out new things, and let me know your favourite s’mores recipes!

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