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Who needed an extra coffee after the long weekend? I know I sure did.

When we first moved into our community, I was overly disappointed to learn that there wasn’t a single coffee shop around, besides the Safeway Starbucks. Nowhere you could walk to on a Saturday morning, nowhere you could quickly stop in for a morning ritual, and nowhere you could have an afternoon pick-me-up. Nowhere. Not until March 2017 when Rosso finally opened up in the Tuxedo neighbourhood.

Since then, Rosso has become one of my favourite coffee shops in town, and here’s why:
1) They make a delicious espresso! And by that, I mean an espresso that actually tastes like espresso, not some watered down, weak version of such a thing.
2) Their iced coffee is top notch, and they even have a cold brew on tap or in cans for you to take on the go.
3) They make THE best banana bread. This is not an understatement!
4) Their seven locations across town each have a certain vibe. Despite that fact that they’re aesthetically pleasing, there’s something special and different about them all which makes it essential to visit each one.
5) They partner with numerous organizations throughout the city and are constantly giving back to the community.
6) They source their coffee from producers that focus on green practices, build a relationship with those producers and collaborate for sustainability, and work alongside producers to develop community focused initiatives.
7) Not only can you buy their coffee in store for around $20/bag, but you can also order it online and have it delivered. Experiencing their home coffee plan was one of the best decisions I had made.
8) They serve delicious food: all day breakfast, salads, sandwiches, soups, and treats.
9) They continue to enter barista competitions and excel at it. Clearly, they know what they’re doing!
10) They’re so much more than a coffee shop. They sell tea and alcoholic beverages. It’s a place to hang out, to meet with friends, to sit with your pup on the patio, and they just happen to serve great coffee!

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All photos by Valerie Lopez.

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