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Being as today is International Dog Day, what a better way than to feature my two precious pooches! Gracie, is my rescue mutt from Cochrane Humane Society. I’ve had her since she was one and she’ll be eleven years old in February. She’s basically me, in dog form, but is my heart and soul, and knows me better than anyone. And then we have Stella, the young three year old. For those who know her, she’s basically the opposite of Gracie: crazy, hyper, needy, and the most affectionate dog I’ve ever known. These two girls fill my life with humor, entertainment, and love!

Over two years ago, while shopping at one of the local, holiday markets I ran into Kelly from The Happiest Collection. This girl is the epitome of the company she owns: cheerful, friendly, sweet, loving, and obviously happy! She started her company in 2016, under a previously owned, online company called Little Blue Canoe. Every piece of her collection is curated in Canada, meaning that it is designed, manufactured, and printed right here. When you purchase from her, not only are you supporting a Calgarian, but other Canadian businesses as well. Kelly has worked hard to create unique happiest designs, ranging from holiday themed to happiest drinking wine. She’s also open to doing custom orders for anything that makes you particularly happy.

This is definitely a shop you should check out and support. I hope that you find what makes you the happiest!

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All Photos by Valerie Lopez

2 thoughts on “Happiest with My Dogs

  1. Kelly B. says:

    What a lovely post, Erin! I really appreciate your kind words and I still remember the first time I met you. You were so warm and friendly. I love that you have stayed in touch all these years. Thank you for being a loyal supporter of me/Little Blue Canoe/The Happiest Collection, and for loving Canadian made! xx


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