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Advertised on the storefront as having French pastries, cheese cake, and birthday cakes it seemed as an obvious decision to stop into Yamato Bakery. Located on Centre Street and 13 Avenue, just across from the Shopper’s Drug Mart, it is definitely a hidden gem.

Instantly upon walking in you’re greeted with the beautiful smells of baked goods, and a coloured display that showcase all of the mouth-watering treats they have to offer. They are well known for their mousse cakes, having unique flavours like taro, mango, and chestnut, as well as their cheesecakes; durian, lychee, and green tea are a few flavours to name. It’s even possible to order these cakes in different sizes for parties: one pound serving six to eight people, and all the way up to three pounds serving around fifteen people.

There were too many delicious sounding cakes for me to make a decision on my own, so I opted for something that I’m particular about: a butter tart. Knowing butter tarts well, I find that they are often either too runny, too dry, or have too big of a crust. This one was neither of the above, but instead was the perfect balance of texture and taste. I highly recommend it!

If you have a sweet tooth and haven’t visited Yamato Bakery, it worth the trip!
The best part about this place though is that you can order through Skip the Dishes and get it delivered to the comfort of your home. Dangerous indeed!

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