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Back in April, I was enjoying drinks at Dandy Brewing Company, when I suddenly heard all this ruckus. Turning towards the noise, I saw a massive, blue and yellow bike. A “Pedal Pub” it was called. The riders looked like they were having a great time, joyous and loud, but after looking into it further I questioned how it could be called a “pub” when it merely takes you to pubs. Then, on June 26th everything changed. After working with the province for months, Pedal Pub was finally granted the license to serve alcohol aboard the bike, making it the first of it’s kind in Canada, and a true pub. Seeing passengers touring around town and having the time of their life spiked jealousy within me. I needed to experience this for myself.

On this past holiday Monday, my dream came true! Arriving at the Pedal Pub headquarters in Inglewood, we were greeted by a friendly employee Carly, who checked us in. We were then shown to an area at the back where we selected our drinks for the tour. It was recommended that we choose two, from a range of local craft beers, ciders, and premade canned cocktails. We then waited for the rest of our 15 crew members to arrive before selecting our seats and being briefed on safety, expectations, and how our two hour venture would unfold.

Our “beerless” leader John, filled with more enthusiasm then anyone I’ve ever met, started our journey, music blasting as we cycled down the main street of Inglewood. People honked, waved, cheered us, and took photos, all adding to the rock star experience.

Stopping at three locations within the two hours, and enjoying our two drinks on board made this a day I’ll never forget. They often say it’s in the little details, and I couldn’t agree more. Each time we got off the bike, our unfinished drinks were put on ice so they would remain cool as we returned. We were given tidbits of historical information about Inglewood throughout our journey, things I wasn’t even aware being a Calgarian resident for the past nineteen years. What stood out for me most though was the exceptional service provided. Friendliness doesn’t even begin to describe it. The leaders did such a superb job of building relationships with each individual on the tour. They clearly embody what makes Calgary so special!


Our Pedal Pub Crew

2 thoughts on “Pedal Pub

  1. Michelle says:

    Sounds like fun! I’d love you join you on your next Pedal Pub adventure.

    1. ekpetley says:

      That would be so fun!

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