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A restaurant awarded as “Best New Restaurant” in Calgary is worthy for any local to try, but it’s taken me a little longer than the rest. I first went to Gorilla Whale back in June for dinner, and most recently again for lunch. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Where does name Gorilla Whale originate? The Japanese name for Godzilla was Gojira, which evolved from the two Japanese words gorira (gorilla) and kujira (whale) through Romanization. The restaurant itself, plays on this idea. Their menu puts a modern twist and perhaps Canadian influence on typical Japanese dishes, being true to their name.

Upon entering the quaint restaurant doors, you are immersed into another world: rock n’ roll artwork covering the walls, earthy green plants and grasses, and Kellogg’s frosted flakes cereal boxes peaking out from above the bar.

Their “dranks” menu is diverse, with wines, Sake, beers, and interesting Japanese inspired cocktails. To start with, I ordered the cold tea which was very refreshing on this warm, summer day. This time around for lunch, I went with the Belly-Up noodle soup. It was a balance of multiple flavours, and the house cured confit pork belly was cooked to perfection. My two friends ordered the Godzilla burger and Karaage burger, both unique in their own taste, but for me the Godzilla burger stood out. Nothing beats wagyu beef!

If you’re visiting Calgary, or wandering around the streets of Inglewood this place is worthy of a stop. You just might have to make a reso.

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