Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Awakening bright and early at 530, we quickly got our things organized and headed to the Bordeaux airport for our flight to Nice. Around an hour or so later, we arrived in the rainy city, ready to check in and begin our exploring. 

We strolled through the narrow streets of Vieille Ville, surrounded by bright yellow colours and fresh mix of fish and pastry smells. As the rain sprinkled overhead, and the skies became dreary, we didn’t let that stop us from our short visit here. We walked along the beach lined street and climbed Colline du Château for spectacular views of Nice. This park contains gardens, waterfalls, view points, and old ruins that are simply spectacular on all levels. 

The rain continued to pour, so after a visit to the cathedral, we stopped for an essential coffee and our first crepe!

We continued on route for more exploring before a delicious three course local dinner!

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