Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

A full day in San Sebastián meant that we would explore all that this beautiful city had to offer. After a much needed sleep in, we started our morning off with a coffee, sandwich, and treat, and then began our walk along the boardwalk of La Concha. The sun was shining, and was the perfect weather for strolling along the beach. 

Once we arrived at the end, we checked out some wind combs and relaxed along the rocks before beginning our ascend to Monte Igueldo. Here, is the most spectacular view of La Concha and town of San Sebastián. 

After spending some time taking in the view and enjoying a coffee, we headed back into town to visit the cathedral del buen pastor. This is a stunning church with beautiful stain glasses windows! 

We continued back into Old Town, strolling through the main cities park, to visit the infamous statue of Jesus. It was a decent hike on bumpy cobblestone, and also offered a beautiful view of San Sebastián. 

In the evening, and after a built up appetite, we checked out Bar Nestor for dinner. We ordered their tomatoes, peppers, and steak! The server brings two steak choices out to you, where you select your cut, and then wait in much anticipation for it to be cooked. It was the perfect way to end our stay! Tomorrow we venture to France! 

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