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Leaders exist all around us; administrators, teachers, students, parents. They are able to create sparks, challenge thinking, and support others in their passions and fears. But what makes a leader great? Is it the way in which they deal with difficulties? Their ability to persevere in challenging times? The strong bonds and relationships they form with others?

I recently came across an article by Sam LeDeaux that highlights the differences between leaders and managers. It’s clear that leaders are ones who inspire, trust, empower, and reflect. They take on responsibilities, do what’s right, and create a climate of safety and care. All of these things may sound simple to achieve, but are they?

Today, I participated in #satchatwc on twitter, whose focus was on leadership. It was an excellent chat filled with ideas and opinions about what enlightened leadership looks like, and the qualities that a leader has in our modern day. Here’s a brief summary of the ideas shared with my PLN:

Question #1: How have the requirements for leadership changed in our current times? What has changed…what stays the same?

Question #2: Enlightened leaders aren’t afraid to take risks. What motivates them to do so?

Question #3: What qualities are necessary for leading in our modern times?


Question #4: How do enlightened leaders motivate other to do new and innovative work?

Question #5: What actions are leaders taking to motivate creativity and innovations at all levels, from technology to risk taking?


Question #6: All leaders face challenges. How do enlightened leaders respond to them? What makes their responses different/unique?


Clearly, the definition and role of an enlightened leader are something to uphold to. In order to be this kind of leader, you need to possess a variety of skills, which help to create an environment of caring and encouraging within your school. Although to some they may sound unattainable, these kinds of leaders exist all around us. They help us to recognize our skills and passions, embrace risks and failures, and provide positive feedback and learning opportunities. They build strong, trusting relationships with their colleagues, and encourage collaboration. They are all around us. Are you one of them?

One thought on “Are You an Enlightened Leader?

  1. Erin,
    Great post!! You really understand what it takes to be an enlightened leader and understand that everybody is a leader. Continue to make a positive difference in the greatest occupation in the world!!

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