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This week during our staff meeting, our admin had us discuss with a partner about our best and worst teacher; their name, qualities, and why we felt how we did about them. It was a moving discussion, in the fact that both memories brought very strong feelings for staff. It was very easy to remember our favourite teacher, their name, and why we loved them so much. However, it was equally as easy to name our worst teacher, and the things that he/she did to make life in his/her class miserable.

After our discussion, we came back together as a large group, and shouted out the qualities of each. What made our favourite teacher so great, and what made our worst teacher so horrible. Here’s the list that we compiled:

This can be a powerful activity to do with your students as well, only instead of having them reflect on the negative, you can pose the question, “What kind of teacher do you want?” It’s great to do as a first week of school activity to see what your group of students need and value.


I think as teachers we need to remember that we have the ability to makes a student’s life great or miserable. We can show them we care, are invested, accepting, and value them, or we can humiliate them and be inconsiderate. Ultimately the choice is yours, but as teachers, I believe we have the obligation to show students a consistent caring and positive classroom environment. I want to be remembered for that. How do you want to be remembered? What will be the legacy that you leave behind?


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