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Tonight, I participated in my first #edtechchat. These twitter chats have always frightened me as they are fast-paced, a continuous stream of messages to read and catch up on, and the whole idea of not knowing what is going on and feeling overwhelmed has consistently turned me away from trying them out. I guess you could say it was all in my head. If I expect my students to experiment with new technologies, shouldn’t I model that for them as well? Sometimes you just have to jump in and enjoy the feeling of being uncomfortable. Much to my surprise, after a few minutes of typing away, the nerves went away and I was able to enjoy the ample information being shared. The chat focused on how technology effects writing, with a focus on blogging and other writing platforms, and student collaboration. Here’s a little sample of some of the discussion that took place.

All of this discussion had me thinking about blogging and the purpose of it. In October, I created a classroom blog for my students. I started it as a way for students to share their learning with each other and their parents, like an online journal really. However, now I am wondering if that is good enough? Instead should it be a platform for collaboration? A way for students to connect with others around the globe? Shouldn’t they have the opportunity to blog in a non-academic forum as well?

As professionals, I believe that we constantly need to evaluate and reflect on our practice, and be challenged on our current beliefs and ways. For me this happened tonight, and now is my chance to reconsider the purpose of student blogging.

(For more information on twitter edchats available, check out this link)

2 thoughts on “#edtechchat

  1. Andi says:

    I could not agree more! I am just now sending home permission slips for my students to share their blogs publicly. Blogging opens so many doors and gives students a purpose and an audience unlike any other form of writing. Keep me posted!

  2. Vicki Davis says:

    Wow, ERin, thanks for your transparency and for sharing your thoughts. Twitter chats can be overwhelming but I think it is just like going to a party and drinking punch – you have a small glass and others have their own glass. You mix and mingle and talk to some but you can’t take it all in by drinking the whole punchbowl or by having deep conversations with each person at the party – that wouldn’t be realistic. It is a new form of socialization and talking and a powerful one, I think. Thanks for turning your experience into reflection and those reflections into practice – that is the power of lifelong learning that you are modeling for your students and learning requires we often do new things. (Imagine that.) ;-0

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