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Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

The Teacher Quality Standards state the following about teachers:

They keep abreast of advances in teaching/learning technologies and how they can be incorporated into instruction and learning. As new technologies prove useful and become available in schools, teachers develop their own and their students’ proficiencies in using the technologies purposefully, which may include content presentation, delivery and research applications, as well as word processing, information management and record keeping.
Teachers use electronic networks and other telecommunication media to enhance their own knowledge and abilities, and to communicate more effectively with others.

I feel that this section can be broken down into two parts: How technology can be used to enhance student learning, and teachers roles to improve their own knowledge about technology and its’ capabilities.

Technology tools are a passion of mine. I am always looking for new, fun, and innovative ways to bring it into the classroom for students to use. I believe the capabilities of technology are endless and are consistently changing and improving, which is why it is crucial to be educated and informed in this area. I am constantly seeking out new ideas about tools via articles, websites, colleagues, and a strong PLN on twitter. I look for ways for it to improve student’s learning, and consistently try to move up on the SAMR Ladder, above the substitution level.

In my classroom, you will see students using a variety of technologies. My students use laptops, iPads, the smart board, and flip cameras consistently. They each have a personal learning blog, use Edmodo, are efficient with word processing and PowerPoint, and can use online sources for research. They can use a variety of apps and websites, and are consistently improving their skills. They are also educated about their digital footprint and digital citizenship, how to be healthy while using technology, and how to keep their tech tools functioning and safe.

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