Viva España

Eagerly, we arrived to the Calgary airport, bags packed and ready for our much anticipated European getaway. We booked this trip spring 2016, because of the amazing flight sale, so needless to say, the anticipation  was long and coming.

After a long 8 hour flight, we landed in Amsterdam. Exhausted and barely functioning, we had plans to explore the town, but on no sleep and midnight our time, we decided to rent a room instead. Yotel in the aiport, transformed us in time to almost Star Trekesque pods. It was a bizarre but much needed experience. Four hours and €70 later, we awoke ready for our next flight to Barcelona!

Although I wouldn’t recommend Transavia Air, the flight was relatively pleasant. Upon arrival, we hopped on the Eurobus which cost €5.90 and dropped us right at the start of Las Ramblas. We wheeled our way through, checked into our incredible Air B&B, and set out to explore the town. Fantastic sights, friendly people, and of course amazing food and wine! We’re off to a good start!