Zite: A Magazine That Reads Your Mind


A few months ago, I was introduce to the app called Zite, which is deemed as an intellectual magazine. I didn’t do much with it until the last couple of weeks, and intellectual may in fact be an understatement to describe the capabilities of this program.

When you initially sign up, you choose five areas that interest you. I focused on technology and teaching, and those related topics. It provides you with an extensive list of articles that you may be interested in reading. Some were ok, some I had no interest in, and others were perfect. As you read articles you can like/dislike them, or choose which sources you would like to see more or less of. You can share the links with social media sites, or import into other platforms like Evernote. The more you use it, the more it gets to know you, and the more relevant the articles become. Sometimes I feel it really can read my mind!

As an educator I always want to be in the know, or want to read things that I’m interested in and passionate about, but finding the time and sifting through online articles or sources can be a tedious task. This app removes all the angst and several times throughout the day provides articles for your reading pleasure. If you haven’t given Zite the chance, do so. It’s free and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it’s intellectual abilities!