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Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

The Alberta Teaching Quality Standards states that:
Teachers monitor students’ actions on an ongoing basis to determine and respond to their learning needs. They use a variety of diagnostic methods that include observing students’ activities, analysing students’ learning difficulties and strengths, and interpreting the results of assessments and information provided by students, their parents, colleagues and other professionals. Teachers select and develop a variety of classroom assessment strategies and instruments to assess the full range of learning objectives. They differentiate between classroom and large-scale instruments such as provincial achievement tests, administer both and use the results for the ultimate benefit of students.

As a teacher, it is my responsibility to ensure that my students are receiving appropriate supports and strategies to assist them with their learning needs. I believe that every student is different from another, and comes to the classroom with specific strengths and areas of growth. I need to understand both of these in order to help my students learn the best way that they can.

Through a variety of formative and summative assessments, I am able to provide opportunities for differentiation, which allows my students to be exposed to a variety of tasks, and ultimately benefits their learning. Students learning needs are always a concern and are something I continue to strive to understand. Through my master’s program in Design Based Learning, I am beginning to have a better understanding about how people learn and will apply my knowledge into the classroom to help my students get the most out of their learning experiences.

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