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Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Have you heard that Calgary has it’s first winery? You might be questioning how that is possible, considering our lack of wine growing weather conditions, but City & Country Winery has quite an interesting concept. They import grapes from all over the world. Once here, they can blend different varieties together to make their wine batches. If there’s a particular bottle that you enjoy, you better stock up, because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

City & Country’s tasting room is located in the Barley Belt, just a short drive from Banded Peak. It’s brand permeates the interior of the building, as there’s a beautiful mix of city (white, modern lines) and country (wood features) throughout the building.

While visiting, I tasted three different wines: a white, rosé, and red. I enjoyed them all for various reasons, but for me the rosé really stood out. It was a lovely balance and will be perfect for that summer patio weather. My husband on the other hand, loved the red! So depending on your palate, you at least have to give them all a try.

I wasn’t sure about a winery in Calgary, but it’s clear that the concept and passion found at City & Country Winery is impressive. Plus, they make great wine!

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