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Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

I’ve always loved The Dandy Brewing Company for their beer. Let’s be honest, they make some of the best in Calgary, and are eager to try brewing something different than what everyone else has. But when I think of Dandy, I always think of great beer. Until now…

Stopping by to sample their current sour lineup, we were hungrier than we thought. We contemplated going down to the main strip of Inglewood for food, but instead decided to give this place a try. Their menu was small, but offered some unique sounding dishes, which caught our eyes, like the elk tartare. I was a bit perplexed by these fancy sounding menu items. Was I in a high-end restaurant or a brewery? Regardless, we decided to give them a try.

We ordered four items off of the menu: oysters, elk tartare, braised rabbit tortelli, and Cajun rice stuffed squid. The squid wasn’t a regular menu item, but since they had run out of a dish we originally ordered, this was what replaced it.  Our items came out as soon as they were ready, and far exceeded all of our expectations.  The oysters originated from the East Coast, were large, juicy, and fresh.  The elk tartare was excellent and had these crispy little onions on the top that added a nice texture and taste.  The pasta dish was rabbit stuffed pillows finished in a creamy lemon sauce and sprinkled with pistachios, and finally, the squid pieces were stuffed with a spicy rice and served with greens.

You can tell immediately that Chef Merritt Gordon has experience well beyond that of a brewery chef.  His freedom to create a diverse and rewarding food experience, has also allowed him to experiment with new dishes that take a simple recipe and turn it into a complex dish of flavors.  Now when I think of Dandy, it’s so much more than great beer. It’s great food too!

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