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Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Fresh fast food meets the vibrant streets of Tokyo is exactly the vibe that you’ll find when eating at Tokyo Street Market. Walls with exposed brick and covered in art, homemade caricature signs, and food for the taking, it feels as though you’ve walked into another world. Finding this place on the corner of 9 Avenue and Centre Street NE, you can taste numerous Japanese delicacies, from sushi to ramen to Karamucho chips. You can quickly run in for take-out, or stay for a meal inside or on their cute, outdoor patio.

Wanting to try as much as possible, we ordered two types of ramen (miso and spicy soy), two small sushi and sashimi tasters, and gyoza, all for a grand total of under $30! This isn’t of course world class food, but the value for money, the taste, and quantity were all outstanding. I’ll be dreaming about that ramen for days to come.

Tokyo Street Market is opened everyday from 11am until midnight, except on Sundays when it closes at 11pm. And if you’re feel lazy you can also order take out on Skip the Dishes, although I would really recommend a visit so you can partake in the full experience.

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