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Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Nestled within the old Mount Baker Hotel in downtown Cranbrook, Soulfood is redefining the restaurant industry. Having both take-out and a sit-down restaurant facility, everything they serve is local and/or organic. It’s a place for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers to unite!

Moving into their downtown location in 2018, Soulfood also transformed into a food cooperative. Employees and community members can purchase a membership to act as the owners of the restaurant, voting on important decisions, nominating the board of directors, and being active ambassadors. Additionally, being “suspended coffee” members, locals can pay it forward by purchasing food or drink items in advance for a person in need. It’s clear that they live and breathe their beautiful business philosophy: “Treat our people well. Be kind to our planet, our home. Compost. Don’t waste. Collaboration, not competition. Build people up. Be organized. Plan. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Abundance not scarcity.”

Entering the building instantly puts you at ease. It’s beautifully decorated with local art work, greenery, couches, and a variety of seating options. After selecting our own seats, we ordered a drink and several food items. Their dishes are not typically what you would see offered on a menu, and all had a unique twist to them. We ordered a variety of food to share:
* soul fries – a mixture of root vegetable fries served with a delicious tahini aioli
* fela-fell in love soul bowl – middle eastern inspired flavours with beet hummus, feta cheese, preserved lemons, falafel, and chicken, all on a bed of buckwheat
* bison bocconcini burger – handmade from local farmers bison and pork, with carmelized onions, and served on a charcoal brioche bun
* waygu steak – sourdough bread topped with local mushrooms, chimichurri, and a perfectly seared steak

Not only does Soulfood create delicious dishes and have outstanding service, but they truly are farm to table and a gem of a restaurant in Cranbrook, not to be missed!


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