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Did you know that the first written record of bagels dates back to as early as the 1600s in Poland? Bagels are not a new phenomenon, but their holey goodness continues to touch the hearts of many.

While strolling down the main street in Fernie, BC, scouting out the perfect breakfast place, we were drawn to a line up of passersby at a quaint corner shop. This locally owned bagel eatery has been operating for just over eleven years and prides itself on the high quality recipes that are created daily.

Deciding upon the type of breakfast “bagelwich” was a struggle as they all sounded appetizing in their own special way. Once we selected, we then had to choose the type of bagel we would like. They have over eighteen types which made our decision that much easier. After placing our order, we found a seat, and waited patiently for our name to be shouted out by one of the employees. The bagel itself was perfectly warmed, and the sandwich ingredients fresh. It did not disappoint! Alongside our bagels, we also had their americano, and it was surprisingly bold and tasty.

Big Bang Bagels has a welcoming atmosphere, operates quickly and seamlessly, and produces delicious tasting treats. When are you planning on visiting?

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