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Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Finishing off our final tasty breakfast in Firenze, we sauntered sadly to the train station. Firenze is such a beautiful city, with so much history, art, and romance. It will forever have a place in my heart.

Our train ride to Rome was only 1.5 hours and we decided to walk in the sweltering heat to our new B&B. About 35 minutes later, and clothes soaked in sweat we were here!

Rome already is breathtaking. Along our walk we saw gorgeous buildings, which makes me so excited for what’s to come.

Once we were cleaned up and ready, we headed out to find our bearings in our new setting. We’re staying in a hip little part of Rome on the south side of the river called Trastevere, which literally means behind the river. It’s a medieval neighborhood that has strong working class roots, but is filled with traditional trattorias, artisan shops, and beautiful plazas.

We ventured across the river, admiring Tiber Island from the bridge. It’s the world’s smallest inhabited island, and was apparently home to an ancient temple of Asclepius, the god of healing.

As we crossed over the bridge, we walked through the cobble stoned streets and admired the beauty of the town. Everywhere you look there’s something historically old that takes your breath away. I don’t think I could ever get bored of it!

We stopped for dinner at a little local place called Cul de Sac, and sat outside to enjoy the lively street. We began our dinner with pâté, a sampler actually. We had the hare and truffle, sweet and sour boar, and partridge and juniper. They were all so good, but the hare was the winner in my books.

For our mains, I had a black rice and mussels dish, and Daniel had the Roman ravioli. We washed it all down with a local, tasty red.

As we were finishing up our wine, there was an impressive street performer who stopped by.

We walked through Camp de’ Fiori to check out the busy square, watch the street acts, and check out the place.

Then, we walked back over to our side of town to see what was happening. We stopped to get a peek at the Basilica, before walking down by the river to check out a night market.

Along the Tiber River were shops, artists, bars, carnival type games, and numerous other tents to check out. It’s part of a summer festival called Lungo Il Tevere that happens every year in Rome. We enjoyed strolling along the river checking out a few of the things it showcased.

2 thoughts on “Finally Roma!

  1. Desmond Kerr says:

    Great, interesting ‘diagonal’ photograph of you both sitting under Cul de Sac parasol. If you ever consider another career Erin, travel writing / photography is an option!

  2. Lorraine jarron says:

    Wow, just you’re typical street performer!

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