Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

Being a leader in any societal realm requires one to stay current, step outside the box, challenge ideas, and learn. Sometimes it seems that people are stuck in their current state, using the same tools or devices, and unable to grow. Technology can be a difficult area to be a leader in, as current ways are quickly outdated, and things are changing constantly. I always want to be in “the know,” and found that twitter helps with this. My PLN has challenged me in ways I never would have thought of and has allowed me to learn and grow in countless ways. Tonight, #mnlead chat focused on technology leaders and tools/devices that individuals use. It was filled with a plethora of information worthy of sharing.

Question #1: Tell us about a technology tool you use each day in your role and could not live without?









Question #2: In what ways has technology changed your job as a leader?










Question #3: How do you learn about new and relevant technologies to remain current as you lead your program/schools?









Question #4: Tech Slam – What’s your go to tool for:
a. general organization?







b. parent and student communication?







c. engaging presentation?






d. curriculum repository?




Question #5: How do you provide support to teachers or staff to share info about tech practices and concerns?









When you look at the technology tools, apps, and devices that we have available it can be overwhelming. Comparing that to five years ago, it’s obvious that things have changed and will continue to grow and expand. It is our jobs as educators to do the same. Is it our job to become masters in every area? I would argue no, but don’t be resistant to it either. Take baby steps, learn as you go, lean on others for support. Everyone has their skills and everyone has areas for improvement. The goal is to discover this, embrace it, and be that leader that’s inside each and every one of us.

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