Out With Erin

Exploring the Beauty of YYC and Beyond

The Teacher Quality Standards state the following:

Teachers recognize they are bound by standards of conduct expected of a caring, knowledgeable and reasonable adult who is entrusted with the custody, care or education of students or children. Teachers recognize their actions are bound in moral, ethical and legal considerations regarding their obligations to students, parents, administrators, school authorities, communities and society at large. Teachers acknowledge these obligations and act accordingly.

I am committed to being the best teacher that I can be. I understand that as teachers we spend more time with children then some of their parents do. That being said, I believe it is my obligation to set a standard of care within the classroom and school environment. I continue to seek out new ways to develop a caring environment by reading, researching, and visiting other classrooms. I ensure that everyday students are acknowledged and are aware of how much I care about them and value their ideas. I keep a checklist handy to make sure I have said something positive to each student everyday. I always acknowledge and greet my students to ensure that they feel valuable and welcomed.


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