Being the head of technology at my campus has allowed me to share my knowledge about technology with my colleagues. Since 2013, our district has had a yearly PD Day dedicated to technology.

My first presentation (adapted from @SalimaHudani) shared current web 2.0 tools, and provided examples for how they can be used in the classroom by students and educators.

In January 2014, I presented on blogging in the classroom and offered an introduction to blogs and how they can be an effective tool for students to use to share their knowledge and create a forum of discussion.

In July 2014, as part of my master’s program, I had a group task that had to tackle an aspect of design based learning. My group decided to create a lesson planning template, which teachers could use to find ways to integrate technology into their lessons in meaningful and engaging ways. We wanted it to be teacher friendly, and easy to use. Here is the link to our presentation (credits to WAKE up! – Wun Yeung, Andrea Spinner, Kris Hopkins, Erin Petley). There’s a guiding arrow on the middle, right side of the logo to use to view the presentation and links.

Alongside Jesse McLean, we presented at the Innovate West conference about bridging the gap between theory and practice.

More recently, I have completed several presentations for my master’s program, focusing on rubrics and formative feedback, and the problems with standardized education through my second summer intensive.

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